Thinking of buying a flipped home in Dayton? Tips from a home inspector.


When clients want to look at flipped homes in Dayton, I have to give them my Flipped Home Speech, which goes something like this: “The seller flipped this home quickly and often this means they concentrated on big impact cosmetics, but don’t be wowed by that. They may not have done anything to the mechanics, or the mechanics may not have been done well, in other words, you still may have a lot of work to do, and the work that was done might be problematic…”

Why first time home buyers should consider buying a duplex in Dayton Ohio

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Realtors across the country, as well as Dayton Ohio, are seeing a large number of people combining households- this is a growing trend and a duplex would be a nice way to allow parents and children to live together, without too much togetherness.

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Looking for Open Houses in Dayton Ohio? Easy.


It’s Sunday morning in Dayton Ohio and you want to go looking at homes. I understand that. You probably want to go looking at homes during an Open House because you might be undecided about which Realtor to use, and you figure at an Open House you can remain anonymous. I understand that as well. Or maybe you just love looking at homes? A really great way to find Open Houses in the Greater Dayton area is directly through the Dayton Area Board of Realtors (DABR) website, through their Open House portal, here.