Thinking of buying a flipped home in Dayton? Tips from a home inspector.

When clients want to look at flipped homes in Dayton, I have to give them my Flipped Home Speech, which goes something like this: “The seller flipped this home quickly and often this means they concentrated on big impact cosmetics, but don’t be wowed by that. They may not have done anything to the mechanics, or the mechanics may not have been done well, in other words, you still may have a lot of work to do, and the work that was done might be problematic…”

203k Loans in Dayton OH

ReBuildUSA 203k course is a loan program that will roll the cost of renovations into the home loan. If you are looking at foreclosures, short sales, or distressed properties but have some concerns over funding the renovation costs, this loan might be something to consider. Call or text Teri Lussier at 937.343.1411 if you would like more information.