Step 9 of How to Buy a Home- Clear to Close

Three little words
Oh what i’d give for that wonderful phrase
To hear those
three little words
That’s all i’d live for the rest of my days
And what i feel in my heart
They tell sincerely
No other words can tell it half so clear-early
Three little words

“Clear to close.”
At this point, all contract contingencies have been removed and all your loan documentation has been sent to the underwriter. The title company has determined that you have a clean title. The underwriter has asked for and received any clarification and other documentation. You and the seller are coordinating utility changes. Waiting...Your Pintrest boards are filling up, you’ve scouted Target and shopped Amazon. You’ve driven past the house fifty-eleven times just to make sure the sellers didn’t decide to paint it purple. We are all waiting. And waiting.
And waiting for the mysterious underwriter to finally approve the loan and say those three little words…

“Clear to close.”

And once it’s said, you schedule a final walk-thru inspection to make sure the home is in the same condition it was when the contract was written, and then we schedule the closing!
“Clear to close.”
Those three little words…

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