Ohio Real Estate Market Stats for first half of 2013

Market stats for the entire state of Ohio for the first half of 2013, is pretty good. From the Ohio Association of Realtors:

The number of homes sold across Ohio rose 15.5 percent in June, as the market posted year-over-year gains in activity for the N24th consecutive month, according to the Ohio Association of REALTORS.

“Over the past two years the Ohio housing market – month-by-month – has made slow, steady and consistent progress in its effort to recover from the economic challenges wrought by the recession,” said OAR President Thomas J. Williams. “Attaining 24 consecutive  months of gains in sales activity – our longest stretch in uninterrupted growth in 16 years of tracking Ohio home sales – is a clear indicator of growing consumer confidence and a renewed appreciation that housing is a solid, long-term investment.”

Looking for more local stats? You can find localized real estate market reports for many communities in the Dayton Ohio area by using the pull down menu at the “Communities” tab, found towards the top of the page, or look at all posts labeled “Communities” here.

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