Dayton Real Estate Market Stats June 2013 (Dayton Most Metro)

Been looking for a home, but can’t find one you love? Found a home you love but it sold to someone else before you wrote an offer? Last year you saw tons of homes you liked and they were on the market for a long time, but now that you are ready to buy, the market has changed? You are not imagining things.
DABR-stats-june-256x300Dayton has posted the most sales for June since 2007, just before the economic downturn began. First half 2013 sales stats are up at the Dayton Area Board of Realtors (DABR), one highlight from the report:

June’s transactions produced a cumulative sales volume of over $183.8 million, which translated to an average sale price of $142,288, 9.27% higher than last June’s $130,211, and represented the highest monthly sales price since June of 2008. The median sales price was $124,000, a 10.2% increase compared to June 2012.

Every real estate market has its unique opportunities. 2011-2012 were great years for investors, find out more about the DABR report and read who I think can benefit from this market, at Dayton Most Metro. 

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