Grafton Hill

This is taken from an article that I wrote for Originally posted on September 19, 2010, you can read the entire article, “Historic Grafton Hill- “Dayton’s Best Kept Secret” “, here.

…One of the most interesting neighborhoods in the Greater Dayton Area is home to both the DAI, Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church, and the Masonic Temple- the neighborhood known as Grafton Hill

There is something unique about Grafton Hill. The story I heard from two of the oldest neighbors- or, sorry Ed and Phyllis, I should say two of the longest-term residents- is that they each drove through the neighborhood and “fell in love”. And how can you not? This neighborhood is a HouseNerd’s heaven. Grafton Hill is one of those historic Dayton neighborhoods that was home to some of the wealthiest Daytonians at the turn of century. The Art Institute anchored the neighborhood as an area of affluence, but it’s in the homes that we can still see how wealth translated into distinct, custom-built homes, each unique and lovely its own right. It’s impossible for a HouseNerd to drive through the neighborhood without being gobsmacked by these homes. Not only is each home unique in style, they are huge! 2500-3900 square feet is not at all unusual, and some homes are much bigger. …

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