Eco-Rehabarama in Huber Heights

To say I’m excited about Rehabarama 2012 is an understatement. Iam very excited- super duper excited! The Mid-Century Modern style that is suggested in the classic Huber brick ranch is going to be on display at the Home Builders Association of Dayton’s Eco-Rehabarama, to be held in May, in Huber Heights. I’m going to be writing about this at some length over the next few months, exploring different facets of what is involved in this tour at but for now you can get the basic in my first post about Eco-Rehabarama on

For the first time in Rehabarama history, the tour will be held in a neighborhood outside the Dayton city limits. This year Eco-Rehabarama is in Huber Heights. Yes, that’s right, the brick ranch finally gets to strut its stuff. Before you roll your eyes, consider why this style home was chosen. From Home Builders Association of Dayton (HBA) Executive Director, Walt Hibner: “All those years ago, we gave Charles Huber grief. But he had something there that we couldn’t appreciate until 50 years later.”

The Huber brick ranch is a size and scale of home that lends itself to affordable rehabbing. The ranch home means no stairs, and the brick exterior is a low maintenance construction material, these are important issues for today’s home buyer. But as Hibner says, “These are not your father’s Huber Homes.” With renewed interest in Mid-Century Modern style, these classic, but affordable MCM homes fit that bill. Eco-Rehabarama is a builder’s showcase. Seven residential construction professional members of the HBA of Dayton took over the 10 homes that are on this tour. Eco-Rehabarama is a builder’s showcase. Each home was stripped to bare studs and the builders created a unique theme for each home. The focus is on energy efficient upgrades, hence Eco-Rehabarama, but floor plans have been altered, sometimes dramatically, and the upgrades are visually stunning. On this tour, Hibner says, visitors “will be able to see and touch the HGTV finishes.”

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