About The Brick Ranch

Welcome home. There’s no place like it: Comfortable, safe, a place to dream, plan, celebrate life!

TheBrickRanch.com began in March of 2007 as a way for me to share Huber Heights Ohio real estate information with consumers. It has grown and changed over the years, and now it strives to answer the question:
What’s it like to live in Huber Heights?” The Brick Ranch blog is about Huber Heights and having an honest conversation about life here. You could think of this blog as a big family table. Go ahead — get a cup of coffee, kick off your shoes, and pull up a chair, let’s share some information.

A Dayton native, I have lived in Huber Heights for 32 years. We raised our family here. This site is a love letter to the people and neighborhoods that make Huber Heights in particular, and the Greater Dayton area in general, a unique place to live.

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Selling a home in Huber Heights

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  1. Hi Teri,
    I stumbled upon your Brick Ranch site and loved it. My wife and I bought our first house in 1973, a Midwestern Walkthrough, asking price-$20,900. Paid-$20,900. Didn’t know anything about negotiating when buying a house! Mortgage was $173.00 a month and we got real nervous when our neighbor told me his mortgage was $93.00 a month! We loved that house! We eventually moved several times because of my government job and live in Florida now but that Midwestern Walkthrough will always be a special place. We added a family room on back and brought our first 2 of 3 kids home from the hospital there. Great site and we really appreciate you finding the floorplan to our first house. We’d like to build a duplicate down here!
    Best regards,
    Gabe Bruno