From my DaytonMostMetro archives: Giving thanks…

If you are looking for a website that celebrates the local flavor of Dayton, you have to visit DaytonMostMetro.  The lively, positive conversation and interesting posts will give you a real sense of what is going on in the Dayton area. Bill Pote is the gracious host, stop in and join the conversation.

I’ve been a reader of DMM for about three years- since I started this site, and I’m honored to now be writing a real estate column there. From a November post:

One very cool thing about the Dayton area is that you can start at Third and Main, and drive in nearly any direction and see all sorts of homes- everything from lofts, past historic homes, into post-war inner ring mid-century modern homes, newer subdivisions, small farms, and within 20 minutes you can be cruising past row after and tidy row of corn and soybeans. Dayton, like most of the Rust Belt, is wonderfully diverse in many ways, and that diversity is visible in all the different real estate options available to us. We could say there’s a dream home in Dayton for everyone.

She called one late-winter afternoon.
“I got your name from Miami Valley Fair Housing. Can you help me with a short sale?”
A short sale occurs when a bank agrees to accept less on the sale of a home, than is actually owed. In other words, the bank is going to come up short on this sale, thus “short sale”. Typically the owner finds themselves unable to pay back the mortgage and eqhouseopinstead of waiting to be foreclosed on, they negotiate with the bank to enter into a short sale. It looks better on your credit rating than a foreclosure, so it might be in the owner’s best interest to discuss the possibility with their mortgage lender, but it can be a long and difficult process. …

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