Things to do in Dayton

Carillon Park, Dayton Ohio

Carillon Park, Dayton Ohio

You should go. No really, you should just take a day and go to Carillon Park in Dayton OH. Appreciate the rich history of our little town, we held more patents per capita than any other U.S. city until the mid 20th century. Giants walked these streets and their legacy...

Free Dayton Energy Audit Class

Find out how to cut your energy bill with a FREE energy class for homeowners, taught by Adam Blake and Patrick Czeiszperger. The class will be held August 21, 2013, 6p.m. at 5075 Lemoyne Dr, Huber Heights.

Architectural Reuse Store Grand Opening

This is an idea that is made for Dayton OH, and the Rustbelt cities like it. Start at Dayton Works Plus, which is a job-training program that teaches construction techniques to workers who are deconstructing our abandoned buildings and resells the salvaged pieces...

What is the Dayton Performing Arts Alliance?

The Dayton arts community is vibrant and rich but still, it’s tough times for everyone. What’s a arts organization to do? Well if you are the Dayton Philharmonic, the Dayton Opera, and the Dayton Ballet, you sit down together to figure out a way to support each other. This week it was announced that the three stalwarts of performing arts in Dayton have joined to create the Dayton Performing Arts Alliance.