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Fast Five Friday: 5 Things To Do at Carriage Hill

Fast Five Friday: 5 Things To Do at Carriage Hill

From the Learning Center, to the hiking trails, to the fishing lake, to the working farm, everyone in the family will find something to enjoy at Carriage Hill. In no particular order, here are five things my family most enjoys.

Dayton’s Downtown in Focus Photo Contest Winners Announced

The Downtown Dayton Partnership recently held a photo contest called Downtown in Focus: The Dayton Photo Contest. Both amateur and professional photographers were invited to participate in the contest which was aimed at finding new and distinctive angles and shots of downtown Dayton. Well, the winners have been announced! All 55 photos are lovely in their own right.

How Turkey could hold the key to Dayton’s future

Dayton Mayor Gary Leitzell recently visited Turkey to strengthen the relationship between the City of Dayton and what he says is the fastest growing economy in the world. Dayton has a growing and vibrant population of Ahiska Turks so it makes sense to strengthen the economic opportunities between our city and Turkey.

What’s happening with Downtown Dayton?

My experience as a Realtor, working with home buyers in Dayton Ohio is that they want to live in Dayton, they want housing alternatives like modern homes at a variety of price points. They want alternatives to cars as transportation. They want to live close to work, and to play. As a lifelong Daytonian, I’m excited about this plan as it addresses many of the issues that keep people from moving to Dayton, and adds more of what brings people into Dayton.

Increase security around your Dayton home with “jaggy” bushes

Always looking for ways to use landscaping to increase value in our home, I came across this article from Scotland. Police and the horticultural society in Scotland have joined together to create a list of plants that can be used to deter burglaries. It's called a...